Storyboard XV @ La Gazette


SÂMBĂTĂ, 30.11.13, 23:00h – it’s between us


Sebastian Big is coaiet a character spinning low-bro disco, hasid house, and technological universal soul musik op das electric komputermaschine.
Achtung alles turisten, nonteknischen lookenpeepers und schmutzigen musikschlampen!
Das komputermaschine musik ist nicht für der gefingerpoken und mittengraben! Oderwise ist easy to schnappen der springenwerk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparksen.
Der rednecken sightseeren mute sein und keepen das cottonpicken händer in das pockets muss.
Zo relaxen und hearen der blinkenklingenklangen!

Dannilov started spinning back in 2009 being driven into DJing after a long lasting passion for music. Starting with underground hip-hop beats, to breaks and drum’n’bass, and lately landing on that 4/4 lush, melodic, house groove that we all gotta love. Also his sets are filled with lots of bass music, experimental and broken beats. Two years ago, Dannilov started to discover the miracles of Ableton and the big sea of incredible VSTs and began to produce his own music. Currently he lives in Cluj-Napoca, adding his shoulder to supporting electronic music, by organising series of parties like „Santier” and „StoryBoard” alongside CandCum , Akos and Sebastian Big.

„Hypnotized” by music since 2005, Akos describes electronic music as „a source of love, energy and inspiration”. He starts djing in UK as a resident at Fluidbar, London, following Raum Club, Cluj. Never having a straight orientation towards music genres he varies between House, Deep-house, and Disko. This year, along with Dannilov he has a residency at „Storyboard”, a fresh music project and event series, at La Gazette, Cluj.
Intrare: 10 Lei

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