Concert Joy Disaster (FR), afterparty The Same but Different, Raul vs. Paul

Concert Joy Disaster (FR),
afterparty The Same but Different, Raul vs. Paul

Joi, 23 februarie
Flying Circus Pub

Damage: 10 lei

JOY DISASTER – (post-punk , alternative , indie – rock’n roll , Franta)

+ after party

The SAME but DIFFERENT (Raul vs Paul)

Paul (La Chambre Du Chat): art rock , art house , EBM , old school synth & queer pop
Raul (New Disorder): post-punk , new wave , alternative , ’80s

JOY/DISASTER, currently consisting of Nico (lead vocals/ lead guitars), Simon (rhythm guitars), Fred (bass) and Julien (drums), formed in France in 2005.

Even from their early beginnings, the band has captivated the press & media’s attention with their fresh post-punk revival sound. Their songs quickly became hits of the underground scene, played worldwide by alternative and goth DJs, which led to a number of fan clubs in Chile, England and Lithuania.

Over time, J/D has constantly improved their sound, passing from strong punk roots with aggressive, dynamic guitar riffs and vocals to a much more melodic and mature resonance. The deep, low vocals with a twist of metallic and drawn out guitar riffs are definitely a plus to their completely new tone. Despite their style change, fans will surely be pleasantly surprised, as the band continues to activate in the post-punk field.

With their recently released EP (February 2011), “Primary Care”, Joy/Disaster took it to the next level: an elaborated and professional melody, highly emotionally charged.

J/D has played in more than 15 countries (over 200 gigs), sharing the stage with artists such as: The Chameleons, Pink Turns Blue, Gene Loves Jezebel, 45 Grave, Cinema Strange, Norma Loy, Frank The Baptist, Paradise Lost, Combichrist, Suicide Commando, Covenant, Front 242, Das Ich etc. Wave Gotik Treffen (DE), Les Nuit De L’entrepot Festival (BE), Drop Dead Festival (CZ), Castle Party (PL), Moonlight Festival (IT) are just a few of the festivals, where thousands of people have witnessed the truly vibrating show of the French quartet. If you take into account their dynamic and charming performance, the band simply loves playing live!

Presently, Joy/Disaster is signed to Manic Depression Records, a label that handles artists such as Frustration, The Cemetary Girlz, Bodysnatcher, Ain Soph Aur, Jacquy Bitch, Deadchovsky etc. and is working on a new release „SICKNESS”l, which will be out in February 2012.

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