Linking the commons//Launching Sociolink

Saturday at 18:00, Fabrica de Pensule

What do we commonly manage, what do we commonly share?
With the re-launching of the publishing platform Sociolink, we are dared to think of “the commons”: spaces or non-material goods we all engage in in some way that is collective. Is the knowledge we produce a common, and if not, how should it be? We’re publishing a few texts on the subject, but mostly, we are enthusiastic to discuss this with you on related subjects.

Our guests will show us specific examples of thinking through the commons – for the present and the future. Emrah Irzik (sociologist) will bring up the original theorists (such as Hardin, Ostrom), Corina Rusu (anthropologist) will talk about a place that is, in a way, a commons – Acasa and Silviu Medeșan (architect) will show us how the commons is manifested into space and architecture.

We encourage you to come up with your own questions and ideas, so that we can commonly explore what commonality is made up of nowadays – and what it can be.

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* Drinks, snacks & stickers on us.

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