Migration Radio Show – MR. Goju

Migration Radio Show – MR. Goju
Duminica, 16 sept. 2012 ora 21:00.
Intrare libera
L`Atelier Cafe

MR.GOJU ne va transpune duminica seara intr-o calatorie muzicala care va incendia atmosfera.

It started with first hits of testosterone. Since 2007, he is part of the Migrations
Radio show, one of the first programs delivering a modern view for all contemporary styles such
as broken beat, house, modern funk, soul, swing & jazz, but never forgetting the old masters, the
true originators. The show gained international following and established connections with many
radio stations, labels and fans worldwide.

He is playing regulary at his home town with a several gigs abroad in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and already 2 times in L’Atelier!


http://www.migrationsradio.com/ http://soundcloud.com/mrgoju

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