Concert COMA+Point Blank (MK) + Toy Machines (live)

Concert COMA+Point Blank (MK) + Toy Machines (live).
After-Party DJ Poliglot
Sâmbătă, 3 Martie
Flying Circus Pub
Entrance: 20 RON

La Chambre Du Chat , Flying Circus Pub , U-Man & New Disorder present:

(after 4 years in Cluj-Napoca)

The band formed around 1999, and so far they have released two albums “Somn” (2001) and “Nerostitele” (2006). Marching from the very beginning on the idea of DIY the band never expected any help from “outside”. In search of a record deal, Coma faced the problem of being a little hard for Romania in a time when easy dance summer hits were at the top of all charts. They were the first band in the Romanian rock landscape which alternated heavy riffs, profound lyrics and screamed and warm vocals…

Hardcore/Nu metal – Skopje,Macedonia
We started playing somewhere in the end of 1999, under the influence of the hardcore wave Macedonia was in. Everyone was playing hardcore, and so were we. But soon we’ve realized that simply hardcore was not us, although we liked the energy that playing hardcore produces. So our music started to change. No one was talking about changes but our telepathy worked. We started to make more melodic rock/metal songs, and the atmosphere in the band changed. Everybody started to behave more serious and more dedicated. We simply wanted to sound good
The band members are: Blagoja Gigov – Guitar Metodija Atanasovski – Guitar Damjan Mitrevski – Vocals Dimitri Trickovski – Bass Vladimir Mitrevski – Drums

AlternativeRock, Cluj-Napoca
Formed in the summer of 2008 when Andi and Eddy (by then members of another group) decided to make a new band with a more alternative sound. They talked to Teiu to be the band’s bass player and Mario to be their lead guitar. The four members blended well as they started working on their first track (Never Again). In just a couple of months the band started playing around the country at different events, including a national festival, creating an unique alternative/grunge’a’delic sound that became a trademark for the Toy Machines. At the present their first album is slowly taking shape.

Iuliu Pichler moved to Cluj in 2009. He became Dj Poliglot when promoting a new music genre – electro – and other sets in which he combines different music styles

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