Atmosfera și organizarea revoltelor în Spania

Vă recomand un excelent reportaj analitic despre revoltele din Spania de pe platforma Open Democracy. Putem învăța de la ei, iar la Cluj să venim cu propriile noastre indignări și revendicări, adoptând aceleași metode consensuale:

There is no distinct leader or figurehead; all decisions are made by consensus, meaning every single person has to be in agreement. If one person does not agree, the group will simply keep discussing until they form a compromise and are able to move forward. The meetings often take hours, with the activists working through the night, debating, discussing and pouring over the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of suggestions they receive daily through the ballot boxes. “The leadership is our assembly, where the decisions are taken by consensus,” said one of the activists, Juan, 22. “Many people think that this doesn’t work – the reality is we are where we are because of this consensus.”

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